Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs

Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs

Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs

Medicine County


Holly Golightly’s nothing if not quirky as hell, syrup-sweet, and just god-damned lovable.

She’s partnered with The Brokeoffs for Medicine County, a country feast that’s as down home as it gets — there’s fiddles, for cryin’ out loud! She’s purportedly raising chickens on a farm in Georgia! Does that seem like a stretch to anyone besides me? You’re used to her brand of asphalt folk (you got a good taste on the White Stripes’ Elephant), and now she takes everything she’s got all the way to the edge of twang. Maybe you find this set reminiscent of the Overton County Fair fiddle competition — I wouldn’t blame you.

“Murder on My Mind” and “Blood on the Saddle” are sleepers, but every other track is snappy. “When He Comes” puts a big ol’ spin on waiting for Jesus, and “Escalator” just has a damned lilt to it — who even cares what it’s about? Is the traditional “Jack O’ Diamonds” sung here in homage to Jack White, with “I love you more than Jesus and I hate you more than me”? Ptth. It doesn’t matter.

Stream this from the Apple TV and set you a bonfire goin’ in the backyard.

Holly Golightly: www.hollygolightly.com

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