Death to False Metal

Geffen Records

Weezer has taken the reins of good radio-friendly pop-rock. They just released Hurley in mid-2010 and have fired right back with Death to False Metal.

“Turning Up the Radio” is the perfect summer jam and perfect opening track as the first part of the album is straight-up radio anthems. After that, the depth comes out.

They make fun of the Limp Bizkits of the world (who doesn’t really?) on “Blowin’ My Stack” with lines like “I’m pissed off ’cause no one cares/ They walk on by me like I ain’t even there,” and “It feels good to be a jerk/ I’m just a loser on his way to work/ ‘Cause I need cash to pay my bills.”

“I’m a Robot” (not to be confused with the band IMA Robot) chronicles the daily life of a miserable soul: Ride the train, “Reach my cubicle about 9 a.m.,” Drink a quart of vodka because “that’s how my father was.” If you don’t read the lyric sheet, you’d think this is just a peppy pop song. Oh, that Rivers Cuomo is a clever one!

The one track that blew me away was their cover of “Un-Break My Heart,” made popular by Toni Braxton. Not only does Cuomo hit every note, but the band nails the song as a whole. It is a great cover.

That however, is the only thing that is great about this album. I like Weezer a lot and enjoyed their music ever since The Blue Album, but on Death to False Metal it seems like they are on (to steal one of the song titles) “Autopilot.” It’s not a bad thing, they just won’t win over any new fans with this album.

Weezer: www.weezer.com

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