George Michael

George Michael

George Michael

Faith (2 CD / DVD Special Edition)

Epic Records

Wow! How much George Michael can you stand? This uber-special three-disc set (four if you pop for the one with the “replica” 180 gram vinyl) delves into more detail of the outstanding Faith album than a VH1 “Where are they now?” special. Let’s begin with the packaging — a cute little hardbound book holds three polyacrylic discs, along with a 40-page collection of pictures and interviews. George could wield a mean guitar and was a master of the scruffy three-day growth school of boy bands. After several hits with the squeaky clean Wham!, he lets go on his own with a raw sexuality that got teen girls and ambiguous boys equally as excited. While he never reached the raw sales volume of the Jacksons or Madonna, he did respectably and if he’s been careful with his shekels, he might not need a 401k.

The first CD has some different mixes than the original as well as a different track listing from the original, but all the stuff you drool for is in there. The second disc holds B-sides and remixes, most of which are pleasant enough but not earth-shattering. Finally, a DVD hold interviews and videos including the “Uncensored” ones that might flash an occasional wardrobe malfunction. In his interviews, Michael comes across as incredibly pleased with himself, but attempts to not act that way on camera. Can’t say I blame him, he was the hottest fireball on the planet back then. If your vinyl got scratched and your CD melted in the car and you really feel guilty about digital music, grab this for the Faith fan you secretly harbor in your soul.

George Michael:

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