Into It. Over It. / KOJI

Into It. Over It. / KOJI

Into It. Over It. / KOJI


No Sleep

“These are two best friends. This is what they made together.” A friendship ten years in, and these two BFFs have finally joined forces on this ten song split. Evan Thomas Weiss, here known as Into It. Over it, and Andrew Koji Shiraki give us a taste of their prolific songwriting.

As I listened, however, I wondered if this wasn’t more of a collaboration and less of a split. I thought the idea of a split was to showcase two musical groups/musicians who may or may not be similar. But in many instances, they sound almost identical to the average listener.

IIOI seems to be a bit more multi-layered with more instruments and backing vocals, even adding in a twang in “Ravenswood.” Koji uses more acoustic guitar, and showcases a call-and-answer-type of chorus on “All Below.”

For those who enjoy the man-and-his-guitar pop rock, Mae’s Destination: Beautiful, or Something Corporate’s North, IIOI/KOJI would make a great addition to the collection.

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