CD Review – Bowling for Soup

CD Review – Bowling for Soup

Fishing for Woos


The pop-punk pranksters are back with more mischief on their first independent release after breaking off with Jive Records and they don’t hold back on this 15-song laughfest.

They wear their obsessive stalker gear with hilarious results on “Dear Megan Fox,” while they take a positive tone on the lively “My Girlfriend is an Alcoholic.”

“Evil All Over the World” is basically about how girls are evil regardless of where they are, because “They always want your money/They always want your time/ Their body is a weapon/ And they’re messin’ with your mind!” They do qualify it with the bridge of the track where lead singer Jaret Reddick says that “We wouldn’t be here without [girls]/ Because even your mom is one…And moms are evil!”

The best track, however is “Here’s Your Freakin’ Song.” Reddick blasts an ex-girlfriend who rags on him about writing her a song, which he makes sound like it took about five minutes to write and record. The chorus pretty much says it all: “You talk to much/ You never shut up/ Everything I do for you is never enough/ You snore, you drool/ You talk in your sleep/ Won’t get a night’s rest until your six feet deep/ I promised you forever/ But we both know/ We’re never gonna get along/ You want it! You got it!/ Here’s your freakin’ song!”

So for all you Bowling for Soup fans, you will love this. The band is on top of their game. Fishing for Woos made me laugh out loud several times and frankly, it’s just friggin’ fun. But that is what they have been known for for over a decade.

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