CD Review – Thursday

CD Review – Thursday

No Devolucion

Epitaph Records

Ever since Thursday came out with their major label debut Full Collapse in 2001 they were hailed as one of (if not the) best hardcore/screamo bands around. On this, their fifth full-length album, they take out most of the scream, but the musicality and melody is stronger (and heavier) than ever.

“A Gun in the First Act” is Thursday (and lead singer Geoff Rickley) at its finest with a heavy and ultra-catchy track that even includes some of the screaming that is ellusive on this album.

Thursday seems to focus more on melody as they slide farther from the screamo and closer to prog-rock, a transition that they not only fully embrace, but thrive in. “Millimeter” and “No Answers” are the best examples of this.

This album not only reintroduces Thursday to the masses, but many will find a musicality that the band has always had, but was hard to find among the chaos of their previous albums. This changes everything for the band…for the better.

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