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Blueberry Kush EP

Can’t say I know anything much about this guy, but I love the sound. Marty Party has a website he must have hijacked from MySpace: it’s unreadable, cluttered, and I can’t cut and paste any text off of it, so I’ll assume he’s not interested in revealing much about himself to the world. Musically, we’re into the dark grooves aspect of vocal-free electro hop, with a small phaser battle off in one corner and across the floor. Robots are pimp rolling past each other, not exactly looking for a fight, but not exactly avoiding one either. No one cut stands out above the other, although you have to love “Crackberry” as a title. Campier than Funkadelic, more urban than Arthur Lyman, and much more entertaining than Kraftwerk, Marty Party is a mystery, but one worth exploring. I smell an indie sci-fi soundtrack here. These six songs drip with funky atmospherics.

Marty Party:

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