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Das Racist

Das Racist

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I think I’m too white to listen to this odd set of hip hop rap remixes, but I’ll take you on a spin through the ‘hood with my outsider’s perspective. Just like walking past a rapster bar on a Friday night, there’s a frightening and intimidating opener from Cam’ron with their not-likely-to-chart “Fuck You.” It’s not a deep song, the title pretty much captures the entire lyric and the beat could come from any random low rider on Inglewood Boulevard. There’s more explanation behind the anger in Waka Flocka Flame’s “Fuck This Industry.” Hardly the first time we’ve heard this thought, but music still draws enthusiastic young people, eager to show their chops, then get chopped up themselves.

There’s head banging metal next with Ata Kak — “Moma Yendo” rocks out, but slips of sampled and uncredited audio bring us back in to the break beats as Underworld pops out that old chestnut “Born Slippy Remix.” The Das Racist trio has more perspective than most; there are remixes of the Shaggs and Kate Bush on helium and Danny Brown. Songs don’t just mix into each other, they sometimes come to a complete stop, have sex, go to the mini mart for cigs, or even file their taxes. I don’t see this as a club dance experience so much as a drive around town, eavesdropping on whoever pulls up next to you. Evil glances and gang signs mix with high fives and small dope deals. It’s an urban sound, a very broad-minded urban sound.

Das Racist: dasracist.net

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