Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets


Megaforce Records

For their third release since they reformed in 2006, the Meat Puppets again lope along at a comfortable pace, which for most folks would be fine — but these are the Meat Puppets! Fans hoping for the fire and frenzy of Too High to Die or the twisted desert punk of “Lake of Fire” from Meat Puppets II won’t find much of that attitude on Lollipop, although it has its moments. New drummer Shandon Sahm (son of legendary Texas rocker Doug Sahm) moves things along nicely, and on moments such as “Orange,” he seems to be Bonham reincarnated, which is a good thing. Gone are the days when the Kirkwood brothers would sing an entire album deliberately off key, or at the end of an acid binge… and we’re all the worse for that. But in our auto-tuned/American Idol-is-considered-music world, Lollipop will have to do.

Meat Puppets:

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