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The White Wires

The White Wires



The evolution of music has given us all sorts of wonderful new species: punk, heavy metal, grunge, electro, dance, trance, indie rock. Such a variety of tastes from which to sample is forever at our fingertips. The buffet is appetizing, but sometimes all you want is something quick, simple, and comforting in its familiarity – something like The White Wires.

The Canadian trio, two parts boy and one part girl, strips away the excess and plays short and sweet garage rock tunes, infused with power pop and the salty flavor of beach rock – like The Ramones meets The Beach Boys. Perfect for hot summer days spent rockin’ indoors, or getting sand stuck in sneaky crevices while frolicking in the surf and sun. “Let’s Go to the Beach,” the album opener, aches for California’s shores, and from there, the album progresses further into a celebration of freedom, youth, love, and lust. There’s no deeper meaning, just the uncomplicated quest for a good time through four chords and some easy rhymes.

Choice cuts include “Did You Forget My Name,” “Just Wanna Be with You,” “Be True to Your School (‘Til You Get Kicked Out),” and “Popularity.” Like a sun setting on a perfectly clear blue day, the album closes with “Bye Bye Baby” – a creeping instrumental with a bass line reminiscent of Pixies “Here Comes Your Man.”

If The White Wires were an article of clothing, they’d be your favorite jeans cut off for the summer.

The White Wires:

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