Suns of Arqa

Suns of Arqa

Suns of Arqa

Know Thyself


Space — it’s not the final frontier if you’ve been to India. This new album from Interchill offers up a spacey sound of the eastern souk, a wheezy pipe, and a digital didgeridoo to relax your mind. I see sand grains blowing across a documentary, long shots of women in bright sari drawing water shot with an f1.5 lens, and distant camels walking to where distant camels walk to. These guys are British, or at least that’s where they get their mail, but the sound begins where the Indus flows into the sea and curry is applied to all problems, personal or culinary. Opening cut “Natbhairy” sounds most traditional, although deep bass bloops fall to the ground, marking time and distance. As the disc progresses “Noor Sarang” takes on a more technical essence, although it’s with the sound of a tech support call center and not a software boutique in Palo Alto. By “Narayani,” we have come full circle, and the journey has been as long as a week’s fasting — each track is over fifteen minutes, and each is a hypnotic cocoon that shields you from the hassles of western life. Can I get another order of naan bread over here? Thanks. Dhanyavad.

Suns of Arqa:

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