The Melvins

The Melvins

The Melvins

Sugar Daddy Live

Ipecac Recordings

For what seems to be their 200th live album (okay, actually the 13th), the Melvins change exactly nothing about their approach to music. It must be loud. It must be brutal. It must hover somewhere between heavy metal homage and parody. Sugar Daddy Live excels on all counts. From the manic growl and truly awesome Les Paul riffage of Buzz Osborne crunching atop a pair of drummers to the rumbling bass of Dale Crover, this is the Melvins we all know and love. How can you not adore a band with songs like “Rat Faced Granny” or “The Kicking Machine,” both expertly rendered here? I’ve always felt that the Melvins were what would happen if Cheap Trick, Motorhead, and the Boredoms ended up locked in an elevator with a jug of cough syrup and a Marshall stack. Or, put another way, the Foo Fighters with testicles.

Get Sugar Daddy Live, turn it up, and scare the neighbors. And yourself.

The Melvins:

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