“A trend of lying and cheating in this country”

“A trend of lying and cheating in this country”

So sayth Bill O’Reilly…who then goes on to prove it.

Look, once the public school system embraced secularism, Moses and his crew with the Ten Commandments were banished.”

For the record- something you’ll never rely upon Fox News to provide, but just so we’re clear, the event to which Captain Morality is referring to is the Atlanta school cheating scandal, in which 178 educators were found to have changed students answers on standardized tests in order, in part, to qualify for federal cash via programs such as No Child Left Behind. No students have been cited as participating– a fact that O’Reilly and his minions undoubtedly knew. But never one to let mere facts get in the way of his culture warring, O’ Reilly lays the blame for the scandal on, you guessed it, not enough Jeebus. Not the drive to compete in the score-oriented, students be damned world of “teaching the test”, not the immense ego of Superintendent Beverly Hall and those under her who wanted to shine in the academic world for higher salaries, none of that. Nope, it was because we didn’t teach kids about Moses.

The funniest part of this is, of course, that O’ Reilly blathers this nonsense as his employer, Rupert Murdoch, stands poised to watch his media empire crumble- because he cheated and lied. The entire reason for the existence of Fox News and the rest of the Murdoch empire is to funnel cash into Rupert’s pockets. If he has to gin up a few wars for the United States, paint Obama as a “jobs killing Marxist” or delete the voicemails of a dead girl, if it made Murdoch- and those contemptible enough to work for him money, well, that was all the morality necessary.

But it really gets good when the contractually required airhead blonde starts to babble:

“I think it’s getting worse,” Crowley remarked. “I think with the proliferation of media, too, you get an echo chamber where kids out there, okay, see people in authority, whether it’s the president, whether it’s members of Congress, Anthony Weiner or Barack Obama saying I’m going to cut the deficit my first term and blows it out of control. Or if they see O.J Simpson walking away committing a double homicide, getting away with it, Casey Anthony. They are learning the lesson of what they see out there in the culture. They are constantly thinking, ‘Hey, I could get away with it too.’

Let’s take a glance at this unremarkable for Fox statement:

I think with the proliferation of media…” The Murdoch media empire is the largest on Earth, so the “echo chamber” was by design. A carefully crafted house of falsehoods, slander and criminal activity- to sell newspapers and TV ads.

“Anthony Weiner or Barack Obama…O.J. Simpson…Casey Anthony” Lets link in the viewers minds Democrats and murderers, just in case you hadn’t been watching the previous 23.5 hours of the day. Of course, no mention of the lies of George “WMD” Bush, John “Hush money for mistresses” Ensign, or the score of other GOP lying sacks of crap.

“They are learning the lesson of what they see out there in the culture.”
To wit, it’s ok to lie a nation into war, torture isn’t really torture, and if you raise taxes on the top 1% of the population, the world will end, but teachers, cops, and infrastructure, they’re expendable, and if you happen to bring this up, you’re engaging in “class warfare”.

“They are constantly thinking, ‘Hey, I could get away with it too.'” O’Reilly, how about you ask Dr. George Tiller about that one. Oh right, you can’t- in part because you ramped up the rhetoric about “Nazi stuff” and how Tiller was a “murderer on the loose”…until he wasn’t anymore, right Bill? Or perhaps Glenn Beck’s obsessions that in part drove Byron Williams to try and start a revolution by traveling to San Francisco and killing people of importance at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU. “I would have never started watching Fox News if it wasn’t for the fact that Beck was on there. And it was the things that he did, it was the things he exposed that blew my mind.”

Indeed, we have a trend of lying and cheating in this country. You can see it in every waiting room, on every wall of televisions in every Wal Mart. It’s called Rupert Murdoch and Fox News. O’ Reilly, heal thyself…or step off the edge of a building. Either would be a good start to eradicating this “trend of cheating and lying.”

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