The Art of Dying Alone

Glacial Movements Records

Art loves desolation, and ever since the Romantics made us visit the wild wood and read it as morally superior to the city, that’s where we look for inspiration and perhaps relaxation. Composed by Brock Van Wey (sounds Dutch), recorded in China, and released in Italy, this multi-national project forms a calm, clear environment, the sort of place you might imagine on a pristine Greenland plateau or in an anechoic woodland. Dream trance sounds hypnotically seduce you, reducing your iPhone and Franklin Day Planner to unneeded abstractions. You know you should be somewhere — a sales meeting in Boise, performance review training in Baltimore, perhaps solving technical problems at the Helsinki call center, but you just can’t get up the gumption. Bvdub is Valium for the soul, Control-Alt-Delete for the body, an audio cleansing for your karma. This might all be incoherent rambling, but it’s a very pleasant incoherence, and I would be very happy if you were here right now. I’ll get the hot stones for the massage, you realign the Feng Shui crystals. But since you couldn’t be on this astral plane, I’ll leave you with a deep, friendly “aum… .”

Feel the silence. Feels good, doesn’t it?

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