Fall Of Man

Trouble and Bass

I’m surprised no one has tried this yet — though mind you, Alec Empire and his DHR posse are clearly their aesthetic godfathers — combining the communal sonic stickiness of dubstep with the misanthropic winds of black metal. And it works. Both have a preoccupation with the darker recesses of hypnotic sound; it’s just that dubstep is extroverted and celebratory while black metal is introverted and hateful. Beginning of the night and the vomit-stained pains of the next morning, maybe? Hmmmm. Sound provocateur Johnny Love (Guns N’ Bombs) and vocalist Adri Law bring the occult to the dancefloor in a way that hasn’t been done since that scene in Hellraiser 3 when Pinhead and his Cenobite brethren slaughter the coked-up inhabitants of some fashionable discoteque. The beats and synths revel in the grit of scratchy Wax Trax 12″s, Law is a ferocious shrieker, blastbeats are sampled literally, the breaks are lethal funk, and at some point they just flat out sample what sounds like a Satanic rite. Icy Norwegian dread pervades the whole affair. Why stop at an EP?


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