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Spotlight Cabaret – Heather Alexander and Laura Hodos

Spotlight Cabaret – Heather Alexander and Laura Hodos

Musical direction by Chris Leavy

August 10, 2011

Winter Park Playhouse, Winter Park FL</strong>

These lobby sized cabarets keep selling out, and if you don’t get there early they make you stand back by the bar and drink throughout the entire show. Tonight’s event sold especially briskly, the bald community got word Heather Alexander was singing and she love to sit in old guys laps and straighten that single hair they still have. Laura Hodos joined her and the theme for tonight’s sing was “Bestest Friends Forever.” Opening with “Together”, this pair is actually on good terms and it shows though the songs and banter and their semi-matching dresses. They sang some nice obscurities like “Joshua Ryan Kissed Me Today” while “In Love With The Man Of My Dreams” led into the emotional “I’ll Give You The Stars And The Moon” which prompted Ms. Alexander to retell the story of her freezing up while performing publicly. It’s like we’re all her closest friends.

A vibrator joke, a Siamese twins number, and soon we slide into the food stories. Apparently Ms. Alexander consists solely on Wheat Thins and Moonbeams, while Ms. Hodos once split with a boyfriend for only losing 38 pounds. Ms. Alexander’s trademark slutty number was the innuendo laden “Growing Boy” while Ms. Hodos took the sappy bullet with “Me and My Friend.” As the evening wound down “Give Me a Chance to Sing A Melody” lead into Ms. Hodos’ blow out closer from Drowsy Chaperone “As we Stumble Along”. An encore, another drink for the road, and soon the happy guys in the front row can go home with fond memories.

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