Daniele Luppi

Daniele Luppi

Daniele Luppi

Malos Hábitos Sound Track (Bad Habits)

Ipecac Recordings

It’s a soundtrack, and soundtracks always feel odd when stripped of their accompanying visuals. Yet this collection of quiet, minimalist piano and string session emits a calming charm, taking you to a quiet place but occasionally offering a basso profundo of ominous strings. A slightly waltz squeeze box pops up, and the question is opened: Does this happy accordion cover up a deeper crime, or is it an ironic commentary on something too sad or horrible to endure? Wait — I hear a violin — shhh, don’t scare it — it’s gone. They are so flighty, and with no clue as to what we should feel, the loss is minimal, sort of like screwing up a Sudoku puzzle in an airplane magazine.

Moody and enigmatic, this score could fulfill your need for space music, serve as backdrop to a pet’s funeral viewing, or inspire you to write a film around it. Mine would feature sad mimes performing in the rain on an unfashionable Paris street corner. What could be sadder than that, filmed with only ambient light Dogme 95 style? Nothing. But know this: Daniele Luppi writes excellent movie music and his next project “Rome” is starting to get some notice here in the States. This could serve as the trailer for all of you film score fanatics out there.

Ipecac Recordings: www.ipecac.com • Daniele Luppi: www.danieleluppi.com

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