Luke Solomon

Luke Solomon

Luke Solomon

The Difference Engine


I’ll note for the record that Mr. Solomon began his musical career while holding a part time job as a fishmonger. Now his piscine days are a distant memory, and he’s turning out a complex mix of electronic-influenced jazz and jazz-influenced electronica. While he’s contributed or collaborated on four or five previous albums, this is his first solo project, and it’s a cut above the typical dance hall weirdness that comes out after midnight. Some cuts are instrumental, “The Heat Goes” drips early jazz while “Spirits” takes a pure electronic route with a touch of retro exotica. “People, Places, Thoughts and Faces” uses vocals as a distinct rhythm instrument giving an overall effect like Kraftwerk but happier. That same effect occurs on “Skin” but with a darker, more ominous atmosphere and a stronger beat. And on “Junkies and Whores” the lighting is dim, the streets filthy, and it’s hard to tell if you slumming or falling off the rails and heading down to the underbelly of life. It’s enough to make you think, and it’s all part of this nifty sound collection, and well worth digging up.


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