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Wherefore art thou, art rock? Art school musicians poured out of the UK in the pre-punk days — self conscious and self referential, they skated closer to Monty Python than John Bonham and held just close enough to traditional western composition to sell, but snuck into the progressive rock closet when it thought no one was looking. The spirit of Godley and Creme and the Bonzo Dog Band lives on in Rubblebucket, a largish group of Brooklynites fronted by a fine sounding French chanteuse and offering a rockin’, rolling backbeat punctuated by spike of brass. That’s the best I can do to describe “L’Homme” — it takes me back to those great Les Ritas Misouko videos you can’t find anymore. Combining strict composition and breezy performance, there’s a charm in the sound of Rubblebucket. The name might sound like a bunch of metal heads hammered on PBR, but the sound here is joyful pop splattered with enthusiasm and crispy lyrics. “Came Out of a Lady” is my chart topper here, it’s as lovely a tribute to the birth canal as you’ll find. The Rubblebucket crew popped for a video cam and posted some nice old school promo videos on their site. They look like the sort of people you’d hang out with given the chance and while art rock is so 1973, pop tunes like this are timeless.


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