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Joe Ely

Joe Ely

Satisfied At Last

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When I got to see The Flatlanders earlier this year, I got to hear a bunch of these songs live, and I tell you what – 40 years in the industry might be a preamble for Joe Ely.

He toured with The Clash, made one of the rowdiest live albums ever with Live Shots, wrote Bonfire of Roadmaps, a tale of the road… hell, he’s done it all. But at the end of the day, it all comes down the to the music, and Satisfied At Last is 10 pieces of primo Lubbock, Texas, Joe Ely songs.

From “Not That Much Has Changed” to a pair from fellow Flatlander Butch Hancock and a personal favorite, Billy Joe Shaver’s “Live Forever,” among others, it’s all good.

So, forty years in the musical biz? Might be just getting going!

Joe Ely:

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