Bringers of Disease

Bringers of Disease

Bringers of Disease

Gospel Of Pestilence

Translation Loss

A blackened death metal supergroup of sorts, comprising beloved practitioners of the dark arts from Mouth of the Architect and Acheron, Bringers of Disease don’t fuck around. You’d like a whole album? Fuck you, you’ll get an EP and you’ll like it. A fan of darkling atmospherics? Die hippie scum! Bringers of Disease (fabulously straightforward appellation) deal in the sort of battering-ram direct surging headcharge that groups like Angelcorpse, Glorior Belli, and Gorgoroth spit forth. Add to that mix flourishes of hideously downtuned grinding, interludes of classic thrashing (particularly the “Satan!” breakdown on “Your Prayers Remain Unheard”), and a subconscious nod to heroes of grindcore past with their ferocious low-high double vocal attack. Bathed in waves of tensile, staticky distortion, the recording of this album has a delicious heft to it. And they play like motherfuckers, obviously doing their Master proud. Now they’re not doing anything new, but Bringers of Disease have carved out their own little kingdom in a shockingly short period of time.

Translation Loss:

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