Bestial Mouths

Bestial Mouths

Bestial Mouths

Hissing Veils


Exhibit T54 in the “Good Year to Be a Goth” case is Bestial Mouths, a group of young degenerates who make a sacrilegious musique concrete din reminiscent of the heavier end of Jarboe-era Swans and Shadow Project (oh yes, oh yes). As in “industrial” before the term got watered down to include any bunch of nu-metal no-hopers with a under-amplified keyboard player in the mix, and shiny-shirted Eurodisco goons with high-and-tight haircuts. Hissing Veils is upsetting and unerringly angular. The brief, audio-verité pieces are built around the hellfire lungs of singer Lynette Cerezo (multitracked to a dizzying multiplicity), and the bizarrely limber drumming of Ebrahim Saleh, all speed runs and cavernous fills. On top of that foundation are layers of harsh synthesizer buzz and broken-glass scree from Christopher Myrick. Mysterious and queasy, Bestial Mouths’ music is devotional in it’s all-or-nothing intensity. This is how industrial music should be. Motivational music for bad, bad people.


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