Lay Your Sea Coat Aside


Storms is everything that so many would-be psychedelic maidens with acoustic guitars long to be. Outstripping Orenda Fink and the Chapin Sisters with ease, the music that Storms makes is like beautiful, melancholy tapestries that sloooooooowly unfurl before your very ears. Made from the sparest of component parts, spidery acoustic guitar and Lori Scacco and Eva Puyuelo’s voices, all courtly and mysterious, Lay Your Sea Coat Aside, despite its familiarity, is still awash in mystery and desire. Whereas Blue-era Joni Mitchell looms large (as does Tim Buckley), there is this very unhurried European sense of letting the music unfold at its own pace, and generous nods towards Tropicalia and bossa nova, though transplanted to a foggy twilit moor, only adding to the exotic, breathy mystique.


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