Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror


Texan black metal tornadoes Bahimiron follow up 2008’s wondrously fucked up Southern Nihilizm with Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror, an unearthly collection of gonzo black metal thrashings. Most of Rebel Hymns sounds like it was recorded on a series of blown-out, abused amps, which only serves to highlight the blunt-force primitivism of their songs — a mix of Angelcorpse’s militaristic powerviolence, Beherit’s atavistic deviltry, and Samhain’s haunted punk. Equal fealty is given to the horned one as bad drugs and questionable impulses (with just a slight hint of Southern pride for good measure). To all those delicate flowers who actually believe in recording fidelity, Bahimiron scream, “SATAN!” and then proceed to bash out another lo-fi occult ritual. Discordant and subhuman in the best way possible.


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