Candye Kane

Candye Kane

Candye Kane

Sister Vagabond

Delta Groove

Raunchy blues-belter Candye Kane left behind an early life in the seamier fringes of burlesque to try her hand at being a serious musician. And with a turbulent musical start that included a plethora of promising projects that fizzled too soon, and all sorts of blue performance gimmicks, Kane has confounded expectations by persevering in music, and gaining no small amount of acclaim. With Sister Vagabond, it’s obvious who the 46-year-old Kane is modeling herself on. She’s got her eye on the longevity and evergreen sass of a Wanda Jackson, a Loretta Lynn, a Sharon Jones, a Little Richard. Sun Studios mojo, knowwhatimean? Unfortunately, though she has the pipes and chops to reach her goals, the songwriting and performances are almost too mannered, and the recording is definitely too polished, to make the desired impact. It never reaches the red-eyed, delinquent torch that seemed so easily within reach. To see where it all went wrong, check out Wanda Jackson’s The Party Ain’t Over or The Jim Jones Revue’s Here To Save Your Soul, and understand that it’s not as easy to sound gloriously loud and dumb as you’d think. There’s never enough crazy.

Delta Groove:

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