Apocalyptic Necromancy

Dark Descent

Philly death metal godfathers are notorious for sabotaging their own career — they didn’t even release their first full-length album until fifteen years after they broke up. But enough bands wore their t-shirts and namedropped them, and Goreaphobia was coaxed back into existence, nearly twenty years after they dropped their early, savage demo recordings. And now in 2011, here comes Goreaphobia back in from the cold with a clutch of amazing fucking songs. See, Goreaphobia have taken all of the best bits of early death metal, West Coast thrash, and NWOBHM, and just a sprinkle of gorecore grit, and synthesized all of the above into a rollicking, moshtastic, screaming mess. It’s all ghoulish, antisocial, piss-off-yr-parents, and, dare I say it, “fun.” Only in the wonderful world of heavy metal could I exult over an album with song titles like “Rust Worms and the Noxious Fevers They Bring” and “Sigil on Death’s Hand,” delivered by a bunch of leather-clad horror fiends, as “fun.” But yeah, Apocalyptic Necromancy is perfect music for headbanging furiously with a group of your friends and doing that weird claw-hand thing. But the music is still deep-down rumbling and grim enough to be in a suicide pact with black metal stompers like Niefelheim and Darkthrone. The last couple of tracks are particularly wayyyy out there.

Death metal album of the year. Beyond that, seriously, one of the top ten metal albums released this year. Give me this over Mastodon any day.

Dark Descent: www.darkdescent.net

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