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Dot Hacker (EP)

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There’s a flood of indie bands out there today, and I suspect they all get together to coordinate hairstyles and political activities. Dot Hacker is a good example: with ties to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gnarls Barkley, they spin out a dreamy guitar-based pop sound. As of today, they don’t have much official material; it’s pretty much this digital-only EP with four promising songs. Lead vocalist Josh Klinghoffer is off plunking guitars for the RHCP tour but here he sings a breathy and urgent vocal track on “Inhibition.” Behind him is drummer Eric Gardner, who has done time with The Motels and Gnarls Barkley as well. There’s more certified talent here with Jonathan Hischke on bass (ex- Hella and Broken Bells) and Clint Walsh on Guitars (another Motels exile).

“Order Disorder” comes on with more intensity and distinct new wave sound – an itchy guitar string punctuates the vocals, and the arrangement feels very full and fluffy, like an ’80s hairdo. “Eye Opener” slows us down, it’s more a bluesy country feel, and I’m referring to the breathy, feminine country sound, not the alcoholic, bar-fighting, Hank Williams Sr. sound. And the last song, “Rewire” is a dope-slow downer with minor percussion, what sounds like a hand bell, and drumming that feels like it’s playing backwards. All of this makes an interesting sound, and the band is clearly qualified to play anything they want, just so long as the big name bands don’t pick off the members one by one to support their tours. Have them write a few more songs, get a full headlining set together, and these guys should be ready to visit your town.

Dot Hacker:

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