Miami Dolphins: I Have the Answer to Their QB Problems!

Miami Dolphins: I Have the Answer to Their QB Problems!

Notable Free Agents: QB Chad Henne, CB Will Allen, DE Philip Merling, DT Paul Soliai

I’ll put this out there now: The Dolphins are my team. I’ve been a Fins fan for well over a decade and it seems like there has been one major question mark on the team ever since Dan Marino retired. They have had a near-constant rotation at QB and now, they have to decide whether to resign QB Chad Henne or let him go and draft another “franchise” QB. I did not like Henne when the team drafted him and wasn’t terribly impressed with the four games he played last year (until he separated his shoulder). He has six more INTs than TDs for his career and last year he had a pedestrian 79.0 QB rating. Here’s the issue: Do you give him one more chance, break the bank to trade up and draft uber-athlete Robert Griffin III or trade down and take QB Ryan Tannehill?

The Rams are actively trying to trade the #2 pick, but I don’t think the Dolphins will pony up the huge price tag for (essentially) the draft rights to Griffin III. I think that they will try to trade down and draft Tannehill. Even if they can’t trade down, I think they’ll take him anyway. They need a QB to build this team around and most of the other pieces are in place.

I have a Gonzo plan: Sign Drew Brees. They had the chance to sign him before the 2006 season and chose to sign Daunte Culpepper instead. That was disasterous. Culpepper barely lasted the year, while Brees has won the Super Bowl and has become one of the elite QBs in the league. Brees is a free agent and he and the Saints are not really getting anywhere in their negotiations. If I’m the Dolphins, I break the bank for Brees, sign Will Allen to shore up the secondary and then draft RB Trent Richardson to pair up with Reggie Bush. That would instantly make the Dolphins a playoff contender and it would solve the QB problem and give the Fins the leadership that they desperately need.

Agree? Disagree? Tell me about it in the comments.

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