Bursting Into Flames

Bursting Into Flames

Bursting Into Flames
Martin Dockery
Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival – Pink Venue

Not every society accepts Heaven and Hell as real places, but those that do take them pretty seriously. But describing them is tricky, we often resort to the cartoon versions of harps and clouds or devils with pitch forks, but these images distort the concepts – how many people have told you heaven sounds boring and all the cool people are partying in hell? That inverts the purpose, Hell should be unpleasant and Heaven wonderful. Traveling monologist Martin Dockery takes a shot at rectifying this conceit and actually does a better job than Gary Larson or your local pastor. Dockery’s version plays a clever psychological trick, his afterlife begins by swapping them but that’s all I can say now, there are security restrictions on information about the afterlife. Like all Dockery shows he’s bubbling with energy and bristling with imagery, my favorite is the joint that so long it has to follow the curvature of the earth. A+ entertainment and innovative theology at its best!

This show is part of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Tickets and other information may be found at http:\\www.OrlandoFringe.org

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