Eunice & Ernie’s Story Time for Grown-Ups

Eunice & Ernie’s Story Time for Grown-Ups

Eunice & Ernie’s Story Time for Grown-Ups
Written and Directed by Alexander Mrazek
Songs by David Almeida
Nickel Under Foot Productions
Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival – Red Venue

Here’s an odd mix of children’s tale and adult humor. Eunice (Almeida) and Ernie (Mrazek) are wandering Jews, making their living by telling stories and slathering on shtick. They sing a few songs, tell a few jokes, and drag up audience members to tell the hybrid story of Prince Jack and Grunzilina (I might have that misspelled, my notes have beer spilled all over them.) The audience members play along, it’s not terribly humiliating, and soon there’s’ a kiss and a happy ending. The big number involves telling a tale that combines 20 different fairy stories into one and is over in 20 minutes. They make the time easily, but then find a fatal flaw in the story structure. Yes indeed, you need to get your literature theory right, especially in folk tales. Silly fun, and all done in a good spirited way.

This show is part of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Tickets and other information may be found at http:\\

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