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Smart Comedy

Smart Comedy

With Mary Tischbein and Suzanne Willett

Silver Glass Productions

Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival – Blue Venue</strong>

We all know standup comedy is the most brutal of entertainments, especially when no one is laughing. Intentions are good tonight, profits from the show go to support a good cause but it might be easier just give cash directly to the cause. There are two comedians here, “Long Island Mary” Mary Tischbein and spike haired Suzanne Willet. I give both points for standing up on stage and putting together reasonably coherent sets of material, but big negatives for failing to draw more than minimal laughs. “Long Island” begins by asking “who’s in a long term care relation?” Fortunately, none of us appear to be but the flat and quizzical response it made her opening weak and she found it hard to get the crowd on her side. Mom may be elderly but that doesn’t guarantee she’s funny, and let’s face it -walker jokes are weak entry point to successful comedy. Ms. Willet helms the second half of the show, she displays a striking stage presence and she furiously cast jokes at the audience, yet fails to get a connection. I wish I could be more positive, but this set didn’t draw many laughs, and seems more interested in making social points than getting giggles.

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