Anna Järvinen

Anna Järvinen

Anna Järvinen

Jag Fick Feeling


A former member of the Swedish band Granada, this singer/songwriter has released her debut solo album. Expect not the sounds of Sweden’s disco pop band ABBA, that we love and think of when we hear “Swedish band,” rather, it reminds me of the soft sweetness of The Innocence Mission.

The clean sound of this album is a feel-good retro vinyl spinning on your turntable while you sit inside your home looking out the window waiting for the rain or the snow to let up. Light a stick of incense, sip on a cup of something that warms you up. It may evoke memories of summer camp or art class. This music should be played while crafting, cooking, or embracing your loved one. But don’t think of these songs simply as background music, think of them more as a musical language immersion with a foreign friend, when you can’t understand a word the other is saying, or singing in this case, but enjoy each other’s company all the same.

The complexity of the layered sounds and harmonies makes this a really beautiful album. Replace your Mazzy Star or your Frente! album with something new and fresh — Anna Järvinen’s Jag Fick Feeling.

Anna Järvinen:

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