The perfect candidate

If you had to concoct the absolute perfect candidate for the GOP, one that embodies all the aspects of that fading brand, you would end up with Mitt Romney. Think about it. The GOP today exists for two reasons- to plunder the wealth of America, and to make Barack Obama a one-term president. Any other chatter from them is only chin music- on a national level they use our resources as a giant ATM, leaving us to deal with what’s left, which isn’t much.

After what seemed like years, the powers that be in the GOP cast away all the total idiots, the theocrat and all the other pompous, hypocritical loons and selected the guy whom everyone picked before it all started. They picked a man with no actual stance on anything, or rather, one for every TV interview. They picked a man who had two qualifications for the job- as a businessman running Bain Capital and as the governor of Massachusetts.

And he’s running scared from discussing either of them.

Now anyone reading this blog knows my feelings about Obama. He’s a war criminal who’s way too chummy with Wall Street, allergic to any investigation of past administrations wrongs, and wages war on sick people. But compared to Mitt Romney, there’s no comparison. Despite the slack-jawed dirt eaters among us, Obama doesn’t want to take our guns or sic a death panel on your grandma. He has reversed the job loss trend under Bush, ended DADT, and passed the ACA. Not a bad run considering that he’s battling the regressives in Congress- even when he promotes their own idea.

I cannot fathom another four months of this. The idea that Romney and his dark money backers will spew their complete nonsense about their cardboard corporate raider uninterrupted 24/7 sickens me. I can certainly turn the TV off, but what is really frightening is that people I know are actually gonna vote for him. Mitt Romney has shown himself to be an enemy of America, from his tax dodges and Swiss accounts, his off shoring of labor- hell, even Saran Palin calls him on that. He starves his country while at the same time wanting to rule it. You can’t have it both ways. And all the people pondering voting for him because of social issues- gays, abortion, et al- believe me, you’ve put more thought into those topics than he. He doesn’t give a shit. Or at least not as much as the almighty dollar, which is the one, true deity Mitt Romney worships. He can dribble on about “Obama’s World Wide Apology Tour” (which is of course completely untrue, and anyway, we have multitudes of sins to apologize for), but his actions speak louder than his carefully crafted but empty platitudes. Mitt Romney doesn’t value America for it’s virtues anymore than a junk yard owner values his acres of scrap. If he can sell it, fine. Gimmie the money, but otherwise, STFU. His one redeeming action as Governor he runs from, and his voters will look the other way and punch the ticket for him anyway.

Everyday that Mitt Romney refuses to release his tax returns tells us all we need to know about the man. Because in those papers lay the real “soul” of Mitt- a completely out of touch, job destroying, anything for the green predator. He’ll run, but his campaign is over. Now he’ll garner a respectable amount of votes- Citizens United allows for that- but he is an ugly and vapid excuse for a candidate who only garners the votes of the “Take Back America” nitwit racists. They would vote for a face-eating bath salt junkie just so long as his name wasn’t Barack Obama. I guess we can be glad that the GOP couldn’t get one of those, it’s problematic having a press conference from your jail cell. So run, Mitt, run. Run from your “accomplishments”, run from your taxes, run from the press. Just keep running.

Just keep running till you’re out of sight.

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