Fat Possum

2:54, the mysterious moniker behind which lie London-based sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow, has stepped into the music world with an album that is lo-fi, fuzzed out, bass-heavy, and eerily delicious – at times. Feminine harmonies, sometimes spooky, sometimes sexy, are cranked up crisp and loud over accessible melodies, fitting the band comfortably in-between a contemporary School of Seven Bells and a more aged, vintage Garbage or female-fronted Cure.

The addictive beat of introductory opener “Revolving,” and blog-ready singles “Scarlet” and “Creeping” forgive this debut’s missteps. “Sugar” kicks off with a Muse-like step but quickly turns trite, and “Watcher” feels like one of Concrete Blonde’s throw-aways. Too many of the songs on this still very promising debut seem to pedal in place, never gaining the momentum they hint at attaining.

The ten songs they present us with here are all varying shades of the same color, and the sisters could have dared to use a diferent crayon. Instead, the album sounds as the rainy day cover art implies: one long, gorgeous rainstorm. As beautiful as a stormy day can be, a few rays of sunshine would be a welcome break.

2:54: http://twofiftyfour.net

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