Las Kellies

Las Kellies

Las Kellies



I need to apologize for a moment. See, I’ve never namedropped in a record review before, and I planned never to do so. But this time, I need to make an exception. It’s just a matter of authority that I need to defer to. See, late last year, I was driving Kathleen Hanna around Jacksonville, FL, when she was in town to speak at a Zine Conference. I put this very album into the car stereo and after about two minutes of Las Kellies’ slashing, precise, joyous, spindly amalgamation of the Slits circa Cut with Gang of Four at their funkiest, she asked:

“Who’s this?”

“Las Kellies. An all-woman trio from Argentina.”


“I really like this.”

Honestly, what more could I add to this? Nothing. Just listen.

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