The P Affection

The P Affection

The P Affection

Cakes for Occasions

People hated MySpace, but at least it made bands list their labels and members. The links I do find for this mystery band are all the distribution sites or other reviews, which I avoid on principle. I’d rather make my own mistakes in here. Heck, I even lost the email that sent me the link to this band and the Wiki is no help. Thus, I’m assuming this is a new guy with a pretty decent sound and reliance on social media that gets his name out while protecting him from the sort of random press scrutiny a guy like me needs to pad out a review.

Stylistically, The P Affection is a high energy indie-flavored sound (yes, “indie” is a flavor; try your local Baskin Robins). No idea who the other band members are, but it’s not like you’re really keeping score on that. The name Padraig McCauley shows up, yet there’s no attempt to play the Celtic card here; we looking at Top 40-friendly material like “Main Squeeze” and the vaguely silly title track “Cakes for Occasions.” The lyrics here are wonderful; you can hear them once and sing along before the track ends. This stuff might be as lightweight and disposable as a Monkees track, but time was kind to those mop tops and it might show Mr. McCauley the same grace. If you find out anything else about this guy, keep it to yourself. He respects my privacy and I’ll respect his.

The P Affection:

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