Drip Created by Jessica Mariko
8747 International Dr. Suite 102
Orlando, Fl

Maybe they ought to call this show “Grit”, there’s more sand than water flying around in this odd little space behind the South I-Drive Denny’s. “Drip” has bounced around the local scene for a while, I ran into them at the Orlando Fringe a few years back; the show was a respectable hit with Jessica Mariko and her dancers rolling around in paint. Over the years the show has evolved, and now she’s reformulated it to aim for the tourist dollar.

It’s a bit intimidating; you have to sign a waiver upon entry disavowing Drip from liability if you are hit with paint, water, or “flying objects.” It’s a sort of EULA, no one can read what they the release says in the dark, but the risk of injury is relatively light. Inside the space there’s a landing strip wide bar offering a few trendy brews and the dye colored beer I stopped drinking after one particularly brutal St Patrick’s Day. Here they offer even more colors if you want to practice your Technicolor yawn. As we mill around chatting with the Usual Suspects, rock music pounds and we are assigned a personal side of the main space. The show is “interactive”, you’re encouraged to interfere with the dancers but old habits are hard to break as we delve into the story. It’s sort of “boy meets girl, boy looses girl, girl throws sand at him and then takes a shower to wash the grit off her soul.” Behinds the story is a drone metal band and a smoke machine, they are loud and if nothing else it keeps the audience from chatting during the show.

Inside the main show space a wooden frame with clear plastic contains the dancers as they drain sand on themselves from dungarees hung from the ceiling. The threats of paint spatter aren’t zero, but the paint seems watered down. If you keep to the back you should be OK although dressing down is encouraged. After the sand is deployed, there’s a strobe light enhanced break up and angry packing scene, then a tarp is pulled over the sand and the water starts. The wronged woman walks in the rain, splashes around in a urine colored tank of water, and finds closure. Or so I assume.

The marketability of conceptual art to the tourist crowd is questionable, but for the aggressively arty local scene this show has potential. Having paint flung at me while I’m working is low on my list, but this show is unlike anything I’ve seen, including Drip’s previous productions. The space has enormous potential although it has the charm of a back alley warehouse, but if they can exploit the funky vibe and not actually hit anyone with a flying objects, this could be the” must be seen at” hipster hangout. Just don’t make me drink beer colored like Orange Fanta.

For more information please visit http://www.ilovedrip.com/. And wear dark washable clothing and shoes with good grip.

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