Belle Histoire

Belle Histoire

Belle Histoire


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My God, can these kids even drive to their own gigs? Lead singer Jane Smith is 17, but she and the guys backing her would have gotten carded at the malt shop back in my day. What’s more amazing is the stunning vocals; this is no “oh – aren’t those kids so cute!” music, these are polished pros with a skill for song writing, tight arranging, and clear strong voices that belie a much older take on love and life.

“I want to love, but I don’t try to” is NOT a 17 year old’s line, but when Ms. Smith sings it, you believe it 100%. More goodies lie ahead. “Don’t let the monster tear you apart” and “if heaven’s not real I’d sell my soul to see you again” ought to be in the throat of a smoky cabaret chanteuse with too much makeup and a penchant for raw gin, but here you have it in the squeaky clean vocals of a teenager. It’s almost like those early Charlie Brown comics where small children spouted wisdom their harried parents couldn’t fathom. But fathom this: this young lady has the potential to eat up the pop charts, and even if this collection is all she ever records, she’s made a difference.

Belle Histoire:

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