Love Me Tender: An Elvis Celebration

Love Me Tender: An Elvis Celebration

Love Me Tender: An Elvis Celebration
Breakthrough Theatre, Winter Park FL

Mojo Nixon once sang “Elvis is everywhere” and that may still be true today. Even after 35 years, Elvis’ music still excites young teens and older woman, and this mixed – media event reminds us of why. We open with a short play, “Graceland” by Ellen Byron. Bothe Bev (Judith Gill) and Rootie (Alyssa Eatherly” arrived early, hoping to be the first paying tourist to cross the threshold of Elvis’ iconic home. Bev chase Elvis openings, this will add some luster to this dubious sheen. Rootie comes from a family of people who find unique ways to die; her premier entry will engage some mystery Mojo allowing here to talk to her dead brother. Exactly how visiting a dead pop star’s home and holding the golden ticket engages the spirits is never revealed, and I’d judge both women’s stake in winning is rather low. Whoever has the saddest story wins, and yes, it was a sad story.

After a cookie in the lobby, we are back for another rousing Breakthrough musical review. The obvious program focuses on The King’s broad repertory, and house musician Justin Scarlat keeps everyone in tune. I can’t say there were any disappointments here; Mr. Hair brought tears with his thunderous “How Great Thou Art”. Lindsay Sevin impressed on “Hound Dog” and the cast suited up in stripes to sing the now-ambiguous “Jail House Rock”. Tonight was a cool look at the early days of Rockabilly, and unlike most pop music, Elvis has improved with age.

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