Wild Cub

Wild Cub

Wild Cub


Ah, Youth! This is vintage youth, a young band with a promising sound, clean arrangements, and the versatility to sound like an indie pop love song band on “Shapeless” but slide into a darker club beat on “Straight No Turns.” The main engine here is singer-songwriter Keegan DeWitt. He’s been floating around the Nashville scene long enough to get a good reputation but not so long people say “Oh, is he still around?” The other half of the band is Jeremy Bullock, and together they offer a fresh-faced vocal sound and crispy electronic compositions, and the album Youth even offers an emotional arc. We start happy, get dancey, and then by “The Water” we start questioning the meaning of life and whether we should even stick around for it. “Hidden in the Night” offers some prog rock guitar solos and a Phil Collins echo on vocals, and we are in the depths of depression but begin to re-surface, then we exit the dark patch, and it’s back to happy land by “Wild Light.”

So, there IS purpose in life, and Wild Cub seems versatile enough to tackle any aspect of our existence, no matter how extreme the emotion. This is a promising new band. I see a solid career ahead for them.

Wild Cub: http://wildcubmusic.com

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