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I’m No Angel: Live on Stage

I’m No Angel: Live on Stage

directed by Jim Yockey

starring Gregg Allman

Cherry Red Films

I'm No Angel: Live on Stage

After surviving a lengthy professional dry spell marked by addictions, divorces, and legal disputes, Allman Brothers Band co-founder Gregg Allman was once again riding high, back in the saddle, back on the road, and back on the charts during the mid to late ’80s. Taped at Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom in November 1988, I’m No Angel: Live on Stage captures the veteran rock icon at the apex of his solo career.

Beautifully shot in living color, Live on Stage looks amazing and sounds even better. The blistering 52-minute set includes several prime selections from Allman’s two top-selling comeback albums of the day, I’m No Angel (1986) and Just Before the Bullets Fly (1988), as well as a few biggies from the archives.

Manning the Hammond organ and providing his signature whiskey-soaked, blues-style vocals, Allman leads a savage band (with mullets and mustaches galore) that features ABB alumnus Dan Toler on guitar, his brother David Toler on drums, Tim Heding on keyboards, Bruce Waibel on bass, and percussionist Chaz Trippy.

Although this ten-song concert offers such bona fide classics as Allman’s monstrous 1987 hit, “I’m No Angel” and the ABB staples “Statesboro Blues” and “One Way Out,” the true highlights here are “Sweet Feelin’,” from his 1977 album, Playin’ Up a Storm and “Fear of Falling,” a lesser known track from Just Before the Bullets Fly.

Despite wrestling with an uncooperative boom stand throughout the show, Allman is in top form and delivers a spot-on performance. However, it’s the amazing, razor-sharp musical precision of the Toler brothers that makes this disc an exceptional treat.

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