A new day

On a day that sees DOMA being struck down, and Prop 8 dropped, I find it ironic that if American society had been more enlightened 50 years ago, I probably wouldn’t be here.

I’ve written about my father and his life before. He was a gay man from south Georgia…not a pleasant existence, I’m sure. He tried to fit into society, marrying my mother and having a child. As much as he loved me, and he loved me quite a bit, I’m sure of it, I suspect that some portion of his soul was dead from the time he became aware of his sexuality. I don’t know, because my father and I never spoke about it, but to live your life feeling out of step and hated by those around you because of their ignorance and fear, well, that has to make living hell in so many aspects. Dad, I wish you were here today. But he’s not, having died of AIDS in the early ’90s. Dad, it’s a new day.

Now, just as Loving v. Virginia didn’t wipe away the hatred toward blacks, the courts rulings today only give people human rights via the law. It’s not going to change those diseased, hateful bigots who hide behind their “god” in order to cloak their fear and envy in loftier terms. To them I have one thought.

Your god is dead.

Now, I don’t happen to believe in a deity, but even if some “supreme being” created us (for the sake of argument, it’s utter rubbish), then they wouldn’t create someone just to turn around and hate them. No, your god is dead. So, to the Bryan Fishers, Tony Perkins, Betty Bowers, and the rest of the hatemongering faction, I have a simple statement for you:

Keep your hate to yourself. It’s not legal, moral or in defense of anything. So shut up while society evolves. And like evolution, being gay isn’t a “choice” or a “theory”. It is simply the truth. I know it, my dad knew it, and deep down, you know it too.

So today is a new day. Now, you can keep on hating, but its a losing cause. If you want to spend your time on this precious earth hating, well, your choice. Nobody will respect your opinions anymore, of course, because we don’t HAVE TO.

Because it’s a new day….a fabulous day at that.

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