Without Retrospect, The Morning

Glacial Movements

Ambient chill music always aims to keep the sonic disturbances to a minimum, and frankly I like the stuff, but I can’t really tell one band from another without cheating and looking at the computer screen. Celer takes this form of minimalism even farther. Not only is there a lack of identifiable notes, but you can barely hear the tracks without cranking up the volume. I’ve never had to put chill music up to 11 before, but after listening to a more rocking indie pop band I thought these tracks were blank.

It’s worth cranking them, though. While they won’t wake the neighbors, the sound here rises and falls with a slight ringing sound, the sort of noise you get rubbing a finger around a wine glass. Track titles are enigmatic and rather pretentious, but fun in their own way: “Dry and Disconsolate,” “A Landscape Once Uniformly White,” and “With Some Effort, the Sunset” all drew a momentary eye-wrinkle. You have to be really, really into this sort of ultra-minimalism to enjoy this record, and I would compare this listening experience to driving though rural North Dakota, at night, on a two lane highway. There just ain’t that much to look at.

Celer: http://glacialmovements.com/rele16.htm

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