Her Royal Harness

Her Royal Harness

Her Royal Harness

The Hunting Room


I love the past. I’ve spent so much of my life there. Here’s a brilliant pop act that sounds straight off the hot rotation of 1985, fronted by the remarkable looking and sounding Helene Jaeger. She’s out of Bergen Norway and sounds surprisingly like Martha Davis from The Motels. Her music offers marching rhythms and ethereal vocals. It’s like Sarah Brightman belting over Adam Ant’s backing band. Ms. Jaeger does most of her own rhythm, but a gent named Dylan Long helps out on synth and a few other instruments. Jaeger’s vocals are strong and focused; you know she’s singing about something that matters to her and should matter to you with a little thought. This is a strong and vibrant album. Ms. Jaeger may well be the next big thing on the female vocal hit parade.

Her Royal Harness: herroyalharness.com

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