Alchemy of Ice

Glacial Movements

You may be melting on your Florida vinyl car seats, but there is still a place you can go to cool off. That would be the “North Pole of inaccessibility,” a spot on the dwindling Artic ice pack equidistant from hot spots like Barrow, Alaska, Elsmere Island, and the ever rocking Franz-Joseph Land. This is another disc from Glacial Movements, my go-to label for relaxing ambient chill music. Created by Alessandro Tedeschi, this dedicated label puts out a steady stream of rhythm free, lyric free and possibly caffeine-free music that reminds you of what the arctic would sound like if you were Werner Fassbinder.

There’s six tracks here, but they add up to an hour’s worth of product, theming around a spare set of piano notes, some synthetic wind blows as rising and falling chords mimic the northern lights. Titles are suitably obscure; the lead track is “Alchemy of Snow,” which is the main subset of “Alchemy of Ice.” “Polo Nord dell’inaccessibilità ” is NOT located at “85°50’S 65°47’E,” that’s the Southern Pole of Inaccessibility. Say what you will about this style of music, Mr. Tedeschi will bring out the arm chair traveler in you. This is calm stuff here, my friends, and if you really want to get in the mood I suggest a nice cup of chamomile tea and a few unsalted crackers.

Glacial Movements:

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