You’re Nothing


Remember when Punk Rock sounded dangerous? Denmark’s Iceage surely does. You’re Nothing, the band’s second album and first for Matador Records, is not a record to listen to in polite company. Even on low volume, the ire and angst of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt bloodlets the speakers.

Sounding like Richard Hell after a triathlon, Iceage is tumultuous enough to feel like a forgotten 1977 band, but their blurring of punk/ hardcore/ garage/ industrial lines outs them as more current. Think Fucked Up, No Age, or Ceremony to lay the foundation for what these Danes feel like… then give a good dozen listens to You’re Nothing — “Ecstasy,” “Coalition,” “In Haze,” and “Wounded Hearts” most especially — and bathe in the dirty waters of music that disrupts, music that demands attention. Music with a BITE.


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