The Library Is Now Open

The Library Is Now Open

The Library Is Now Open
A Cabaret with Trevor Southworth
Musical Direction by Chris Ensley
Winter Park Playhouse, Winter Park FL

Trevor Southworth loves books, and all musicals have a book, so this show is a natural. Fresh off his success in “8 Track,” this young man appears in the ever-so-elegant lobby of the Winter Park Playhouse for an evening of literary themed songs. His opener is a parody of “I Hope I Get It”, its funny and done well enough that it takes about two verses before you think “Wait a minute….” Tunes from “Children of a Lesser God” and “Into the Woods” are nice choices, if a bit predictable, but the killer surprise here is a not-quite-lounge, not-quite-folk rendition of the classic ’60s Psychedelic hit “Go Ask Alice”. It could use a bit more reverb, but it’s shocking because It’s Just So Not A Cabaret Tune. We loved it. Camelot’s’ “C’est Moi” gave Mr. Southward a chance to look and sound as smug as Lancelot himself and if it were any more manly people would have exploded. The most touching number is “1776’s” “Mama Look Sharp”, it’s the lament of a young man shot in battle losing all his military bravado as he slips away in the name of a revolution. Lastly I’ll mention the Big Closer; his “Music of the Night” from “Phantom” brought a well-deserved standing ovation. A great show as always and the experiment of hosting cabarets in the lobby begun two years ago has turned into a consistent sell-out event. There’s another on coming next month, check the link below.

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