Loose Squares

Three tracks adding up to 11 minutes… this just barely makes my criteria for an EP review. But it’s quick and pretty cool, so let’s give it a spin.

Title track “Hallucinator” mixes one of those itchy-scratchy dubstep beats, and over sampled vocals they chant “I… I… tried to calm girl…” or maybe those aren’t the exact words… The next line is suggestive enough to push this track into the safe harbor radio hours. Tip-tappy top-hat rhythm punctuates the track — it’s the constant line needed for all their other sonic madness to bounce off of. “Stick Up” steps on a Rasta line with something about police and abuse and irregular drums, and more of that light-handed, top-hat, meth-addled rhythm makes this an arousing yet defocusing track to groove along with. Last we have “Stick Up,” its calmest and least-energetic track, but it still makes spastic dancing a high art form. There’s tons of support from other underground DJ types including Calculon and Austin Speed and few other names I’m beginning to recognize.

Sarantis is dank basement kool and sure to annoy mom and dad.


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