It Takes Two

It Takes Two

It Takes Two
A Cabaret with Natalie Cordone and Shawn Kilgore
Directed and Choreographed by Rob Win Anderson
Saturday, October 26, 2013
The Venue, Orlando FL

Who knew there was now a cabaret season in Orlando? There are three running this weekend, and this is the first I’ve seen at The Venue down on Virginia Street. Ms. Cordone and Mr. Kilgore are no strangers, they even have a joint web site and they both been in a bunch of shows up the road in Winter Park. As cabarets go, this one was ambitious and had more dance and costumes than one would expect – a three piece band backed up the singing and Rob Win Anderson took some time out from “Alice” to choreograph the whole event. The pair even did a full lift for “Time of My Life” so this counts as a sort of Cabaret Plus. The songs were naturally couple-oriented, Cordone belted out a slinky “Fever” and Kilgore put heart into “Rainbow Connection” but the best numbers were the joint projects: “You’re the One That I Want”, “Let’s call the whole thing off”, and a totally kicking “Chapel of Love.” Costume changes dominated the second act, including a short and rather silly bit with the couple playing classic Sony and Cher TV number “I Got You, Babe.” The encore was stunning; they covered Andrea Bocelli and Sara Brightman’s “Time To Say Goodbye.” The only downside here was the acoustics, the band often swamped out the singing and the concrete box acoustics did not flatter, and intermittent microphones didn’t help. But despite these issues, the crowd was enthusiastic and gave a standing ovation, and we all went home happy.

You can follow Ms. Cordone and Mr. Kilgore at

More information on events at The Venue resides at

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