The Feldman Dynamic

The Feldman Dynamic

The Feldman Dynamic
10th Anniversary
Created by Brian Feldman
January 21, 2014
JCC, Maitland, FL

Oy. Ten years of watching Brian Feldman…existing. I’ve watched him celebrate Hanukkah twice, sleep on Orange Avenue for 2 days, jump off of ladders, fight his father, dodge stuffed animals, sell root beer and I even helped him sell his comic books. Once sold me a copy of the script to one of my own shows. Chutzpah, he’s got. When Feldman left Orlando it was for art, one of his ongoing projects runs along the lines of NOT performing at the Orlando Fringe Festival for 40 years. That’s art so sublime most people wouldn’t think of it as even BEING art.

Tonight a small yet distant crowd gathered to watch a reprise of the show pushed him off the dock, even if it didn’t put him on the map. The premise is so simple you’d think “THAT’S a show?” but it was funny, sometimes dramatic, and always intimate. His rehearsal process was more akin to growing up than learning lines, and the food, well it was all cholesterol free, gluten free, texture free, vegan free, and for all I know flavor free. Actually news was announced: Feldman lost his job for falling asleep at 2 a.m. and while he’s mostly OK with unemployment, his father Ed wants him to at least write a strongly worded letter. Feldman reassured his mother “I just don’t want you thinking I’m moving back.” They moved on.

Beyond that revelation, Local DJ and semi famous hipster Dave Plotkin took pictures and broke the forth wall of this show. Ed Feldman broke the second wall when he had to run back to the emergency health food cooler and get more vegan butter. I assailed the first wall and opened a bottle of cider for them with my ever present pocket screw driver. Even the third wall took blows as Thomas Thorspecken bravely sketched from behind a large panel.

So “What does all this mean?” It means….existence. The Feldman family’s life goes on with its series of minor triumphs and losses, its major detours, and the communal consumption of guilt free food. A few people pay to watch, but frankly most of us were on the guest list.

I noticed you weren’t there.

They had left overs. You could have taken something home.

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